Is it really engineering graduates in India are not employable ?

Last year in Jun – Aug 2015, I was part of recruitment process at my workplace ( We are hiring experienced professionals as well as fresh graduates. I had taken interviews of 9-10  freshers and many of  other applicants could not clear even written test for selection of interview.  I thought I should write down what industry is looking for in fresh graduates.  There are multiple surveys stating that  fresh graduates are not employable in industry?   Is it really true or not. If they are really  not employable then what are the reason behind it? Who is responsible for  these condition of higher education? How can it be improved? What impact does it have on the overall development of India? I do not have answers to all the questions. May be those have, have answered at various platform? I want to write what I think. Later, you all can contribute. … Continue Reading

Tips for Clearing Competitive Government Exams

Do you plan to make your career in a government job in future? Does the public sector holds irrepressible attraction to you?  If yes, then you should better prepare for the competitive exams that will help you gain an entry in the government jobs. Cracking the competitive exam for a government job is indeed one of the biggest milestones of an individual’s professional life. Whether it is the coveted GATE exam that opens up the pathway to jobs in top PSUs like IOC, NTPC, and SAIL or the IBPS exam for different positions in banks, the competition is tough. If you really want to make a mark in your career and that too through gaining a government job, you will have to clear at least the minimum eligible requirements and that means clearing the competitive written exams. Here are some tips that will help you in the same. These tips … Continue Reading

Engineering in CSE: todos for your college life

  (This first appeared on Quora at The guidelines given below aim towards becoming a good engineer and developing critical thinking and creativity. You will have to work hard and be dedicated to your goals. In general, college is a phase when you not only gain career skills like engineering, you also learn a lot about yourself. It is the time to explore your interests and passions. So I would advise not to waste time in idling around. Learn as many skills as you can, meet as many people as you can, read as many books as you can. They don’t have to be technical books or technical skills per se. The bottom line is try not to waste time. Stay away from negative people. Build a positive outlook by acting on your ideas. Try not to procrastinate. This will improve your confidence and that will in effect, make your … Continue Reading