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GATECounsellor team interacted with students from diverse backgrounds, through seminars and personal mails. Here is the gist of all those dicussions:

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Which is better MS from abroad, MTech from IIT/NIT's or MBA?
Although this is a very subjective question, we would like to discuss briefly about each option. First of all introspect yourself, whether you want to do research, would you like to spend time delving into the details of some interest area of yours or else is management your cup of tea? That will clarify the doubt between MS/MTech and MBA.
About MS/MTech:
For MTech from IIT's primarily one has to score well in GATE and after that subsequent departmental interviews etc. will not be difficult any more. And you can do it with some hard work and right approach. On the other hand, getting an exposure of studying from abroad is definitely a unique experience. But, for MS there are several factors that comes into picture as such GRE-score, good recommendation from renowned professors, reputation of your graduation college, rank in the department, statement-of-purpose, research experience and credentials etc. and each university has its own way of deciding. Moreover, getting a scholarship/assistantship is also a concern.
Thus, there are several factors involved and decision varies from person to person. However, while going for higher studies one must be fairly clear about the area of interest in which one like to work. Remember in the present scenario, Technical or Management, both are getting equivalent packages. Post graduation studies should be done from top colleges, it facilitates to learn from eminent faculties, compete with brilliant students, working with diverse geographical people and research areas, provides excellent infrastructure, networking and obviously higher packages.
MTech/MBA after job or as a fresher?
During job, you will be learning how to implement your theoretical knowledge for real time situations, but to get the more knowledge of designing/research aspect of your current work, one should go for the masters. It will be difficult to prepare for the entrance exams (GATE) while you are on job. We suggest that if you would like to get the feel of job, qualify the GATE exam in the final year and join the company thereafter, as GATE score is valid for two years.
MBA after job will be preferred, as you will try to work on real time challenges during MBA, which you might have faced in your job.
How can I go for Masters if I have already taken a bank loan for BTech?
During MTech, you will get the stipend of around Rs. 8000 /Month, and student loans can be repaid back to the banks in maximum of about seven years after your graduation. Obviously, you will be getting higher salary after MTech.
I am more interested in application of technical knowledge rather than regular courses. Should I go for GATE?
Yes, of-course. After all you need to have technical knowledge in the first place to be able to apply for it. There are no constraints in IITs. The flexibility in choosing courses is what makes you a good researcher here. Therefore, stop thinking and start preparing now!
Opportunities after MTech? Is it only academics?
No, it's not only the academics. After MTech, you can go for a job or research. In fact you can target core companies with a better job profile. MTech just gives you the flavor of research-you may or may not pursue it. Academics is generally more productive (and preferred) after PhD.
What should be the strategy to qualify the GATE exam? Do we need to cover each and every topic?
You do not need to cover the complete syllabus (but if you can, it will be easier to crack the exam, ofcourse). But at the same time, focus on the fundamental topics without which you cannot understand the rest of the chapter and remember that the fundamental understanding of the concepts is most important in GATE. As far as the strategy is concerned, you can refer the previous year's papers of your stream and judge the important topics. Thereby, you can approximate the number of questions asked from a particular topic. Refer to to know about topper's strategy.
Is it necessary to join the coaching?
In general a regular classroom program is not required. However, solving the practice papers of some good GATE coaching institutes may help. But you must refer the standard books first for building basic concepts.
Best time to start the preparation? Approximate number of questions to be attempted to qualify GATE?
Generally 4-5 months preparation is enough to have a respectable rank in the exam. January is meant for revision of your notes and practicing of objective type questions. As far as the "number of questions" is concerned, it varies with different branches, number of students taking the exam and also from year to year. Since there is a negative marking it is always good to attempt the questions, which you are sure about.
Where can I get the information about GATE, sample papers and opportunities after MTech?
You are at the right place!!! :)
You can surf our website ( for all the queries and stuff related with GATE. The alumni and students of IIT's also share their experiences here on our website.
Do 10th, 12th or B.Tech performance matters for the GATE interviews?
In general they won't look at your past performances at the time of interviews. They sometimes specify a limit (of 60% etc.) for the interview calls. However your GATE score, conceptual understanding and the way of approaching a problem is what matters by far. However when number of applications are more, then your BE/BTech performance may be considered for short listing for the interview which also depends on Institute's policy.
Scope in government sectors after qualifying GATE?
You can go for BARC/IOCL. They always prefer GATE qualified students.
IES selection procedure usually take 1 year, meanwhile you can join MTech, which benefits at the time of interview and get financial support through M.Tech stipend. You can also extend your joining date by 1 year, so that you can easily complete your MTech and after it you can join IES.
Maximum number of attempts for GATE?
There is no limit to the number of attempts, however with reasonably good preparation, it's not difficult to crack it in one go.
Can I change my stream during MTech?
There are some interdisciplinary departments in IITs which permit the students of different streams in same course, like Nuclear Engineering Programme at IIT Kanpur allows students from any branch of engineering and Master's degree in Physics or Mathematics.
Options of MTech from colleges other than IITs?
Other than IITs, GATE is valid for (almost all of) NITs and some other reputed colleges and universities. But, IIT's and some NIT's are much better than any other colleges because they provide you the excellent infrastructure, faculty, lab facilities and a conducive ambiance. If you have lower GATE score, apply in atleast interdisciplinary departments and MS Research, as fewer students know about it.
What is the difference between MTech and MS from India?
MTech in India is generally a two year program in which you have to do some course work even in all the four semesters depending on structure of different IITs along with project or thesis work. In contrary MS is a 2 and half to 3 year program where you have to do course work during first semester only and you will dedicate your rest of the time in research. Job profile after both MTech and MS has no difference.
Is MTech helpful for promotion in PSUs?
Yes! We will say that MTech is a long term investment. Hence, you will not realize it immediately after MTech. But, it will definitely boost up your promotion and confidence too. Even some PSUs call MTech students for interview directly (i.e no need to give written test).
Do companies sponsor their employee for MTech?
Most of the companies do not sponsor. They usually provide short term courses in relevant fields to develop their employees. But government bodies like DRDO, ISRO, BARC, Door Darshan, IAF, INDIAN NAVY and Army etc. sponsor their employees after serving the organization for certain minimum years. Also after your MTech you are supposed to work for them for few years depending upon their policies.
Scope of foreign universities after GATE?
Only National University of Singapore(NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU, Singapore) consider the GATE score in their admission procedure. The minimum requirement is 90 percentile in GATE. However, if you have a good rank, you should mention it in your resume/statement of purpose while applying for other universities.
Where can I get the information about MS programme in abroad?
The best way is to drill down various universities websites. If you have specific queries about some research topics/courses of a professor, you can write to them. But remember, professors are busy and highly directional people, so you should avoid dropping vague mails to them. Another way is to find out the student emails from the university/department website and directly contact them. In addition to that you can find out the information on web communities in social networking sites.
Opportunities for grooming intellectual qualities at MTech in IITs?
IIT's provides tremendous opportunities for developing intellectual qualities. You can interact with renowned faculties, brilliant students across the geography of India and from abroad. You will have excellent lab, library and computer facility to develop your skill sets. You have opportunities to attend several conferences/workshops/summer and winter schools in IITs and outside.
You can develop your leadership and managerial skill by being a part of organizing body of Techkriti, Antaragini, Udgosh, PG cultural events, hostels, Student Gymkhana, Department conferences, workshops and many formal and informal gatherings, social development activities. Most importantly in addition to all the above factors you will be experiencing the real flavor of research.
Disclaimer: The views expressed here are strictly personal and GATECounsellor Team shall not be responsible nor liable for any consequential damages arising on account of your relying on the contents of the website.
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