Engineering Geosciences

  • General questions related to   Mathematics, Civil & Geology.

Enviornment Engineering

  • Questions on Environment & Mathematics.                

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Some questions  related to simple Differentiation & Integration
  • Some questions related to Soil Mechanics, Void Ratio, Bearing Capacity, Three Phase Diagram, Shear Strength etc. 

Hydraulic & Water Resources Engineering

  • Questions on Mathematics, Hydrology & Hydraulics 

Structural Engineering
In the year 2008, they conducted test and followed by interview for all. There was no elimination in test.

  • Test: 40 Marks, Around 2 Hours

(a) First Section, 10 question, Multiple type Question
(b) Second Section, 5 question, Descriptive Question on

  • Shear Force & Bending Moment.
  • SF & BMD of Portal Frame.
  • Design of RCC beam.
  • Truss analysis including Temperature Stress (Questions was a determinate truss. So no effect on temperature stresses. So try to find SI first).

(c) Third Section, 5 questions on Complex Numbers, Easy

  • Interview: 30 Min

(a) Asked for Favourite Subject
(b) In RCC: Bending Plane of a beam, Stability of beam, SFD, BMD of beam
(c) Mathematics: Draw a graph of e^x and Sin(x).
(d) Basics of RCC, Questions from test.
(e) Basic questions requiring deep knowledge of subject matter.
(f) In Mathematics: Graph
(g) In Structural Mechanics: Graph of Bending moments and Shear force.   

Transportation Engineering

  • General questions on transportation engineering.
  • Questions on basics in Calculus, Probability, Plotting graphs & Physics.

IIT Madras
Enviornment Engineering

  • Detailed questions on hydraulics, water management, water purification, air pollution, land pollution, industrial effluents .

IIT Delhi
Enviornmental Engineering & Management

  • Questions on pollutants & ranges in which they can exist.  
  • Design principles of various water treatment processes.
  • Questions on related papers presented (if applicable).

Geotechnical & Geoenviornmental Engineering

  • Some basic questions regarding permeability and properties of soil.
  • Basically all field tests with more emphasis on field applications.
  • Question on  effective stress for solving.

Construction Management

  • Questions on long wall and short wall method, construction planning.
  • Asked for favorite subject.
  • In structures:  Questions on
    • Bending Moment Diagram.
    •  Shear Force Diagram of SS beam with concentrated load at center. 
  • Questions on pollutants, ranges in which they can exists
  • Design principles of various water treatment processes.
  • Questions on pollutants, ranges in which they can exists, design principles of various water treatment processes.
  • Few questions on a paper presented in JNTU by a student on reverse osmosis for waste water treatment.

IIT Bombay
Geotechnical Engineering
In depth questions on

  • Stability of slopes
  • Consolidation
  • Seepage analysis
  • Shear strength.

Construction Management

  • Questions in stability of slopes in depth
  • Consolidation, seepage analysis
  • Shear strength.