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"Everyone has something to Teach others."

Our objective here to provide a platform to all postgraduates, Industry people and Academicians to share their thoughts, experiences with current students to better help them to shape their future. We are hoping to address the following points here,
  • Department/Specialization specific information as Placement, Faculty, Research and Infrastructure.
  • What do students exactly do during their Postgraduation? A short description about your thesis/projects.
  • What different work we do in Industry after study? How is the education relevant while working in the industry. Describe?
  • What are the different examinations students can give for postgraduation or job after undergraduation?
  • How's been your journey from preparation to exam days and afterwards? What was the motivation?
  • Interview/Written test experiences for postgraduation as well for different jobs like PSU, private etc.
  • At the last, developing a repository which will help student year after year.
We have designed the framework similar to any blog. You have freedom of editing of texts as per your wish. We are working to enhance it to personalize where you will have provision to post your publications, projects and routine blogs etc. Please Click here to create your profile and share your experiences.

It would be really appreciable, if you can recommend us changes for better presentation or collection of information. We can assure your citation and token of appreciation from GC Team. Please e-mail us at
Q: Where to start to create my profile?
A: You can either follow the link given over right top of this page or click here and login to start.
Q: Is it necessary to fill up all the details to create my profile?
A: Not at all!. The form has been designed considering value of your time. We have tried to cover all aspects which may not belong to your interest. Those can be skipped. Your profile will only show details which is filled by you, and skipped all the unfilled section. But we recommend you to provide all information so that students can be benefited by this.
Q: Where can I see my profile?
A: We follow pretty simple standard to make your profile link. Just type "[username]" where [username] is the one you have chosen while creating your profile.
Q: I forgot my user name. How do I retrieve it?
A: Upon login, you can click at “Personal” menu item in left side bar of profile edit to know your username.
Q: Can I add/edit information in my profile later?
A: Yes anytime. You just need to login to add/edit information in your profile. You can follow the link given at top right of this page or click here. As well you can login over your profile page and afterwards you will get the edit your profile link.
Q: Can I delete the comments put by students over my profile?
A: Yes. This is your page, you can manage it the way you please. Once you login to your profile page, you can edit your profile and edit/remove comments.
Q: I am facing issue to add my content or I want to suggest some changes in the present platform, whom should I contact?
A: We are glad to discuss in detail anytime. Please call us at +91-8800964595, or mail us at
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