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Akash Pushkar Charan


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AIR-891, EC, GATE 2013
M.Tech, Industrial and Management Engineering
Class of 2013, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
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B.Tech, Electronics and Telecommunication
Class of 2007, College of Engineering Roorkee, Roorkee
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Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
M.Tech, Industrial and Management Engineering
Class of 2013, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
College of Engineering Roorkee, Roorkee
B.Tech, Electronics and Telecommunication
Class of 2007, College of Engineering Roorkee, Roorkee
CPI/Percentage: 72.65
AIR-891, Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC), GATE-2013
Message to students
Hello friends,
GATE as you all know is seeing large number of aspirants every year(the exact statistics is available on Gate Counsellor website). As a consequence of it, competition is mounting up and we need to be  little more  aware and conscious.
Actually, it’s like almost every  graduating student’s tendency that they reserve final year as ‘the year of career’.They think that they can go in the direction they want, let say, some will join companies or some will go for higher education. But now, we need slight modification in our tendency so that we could assure our goals. I would talk about GATE only.
In my opinion, a pursuing B.Tech student must identify it’s future course of action.Is he up for GATE? Even if he is not, he should prepare as it will help him to acquire knowledge about his branch. Now, the question comes when and how?
For the first part of question, I would say that you can start preparing slowly with your 3rd semester.You will find few subjects of your 3rd semester as the part of GATE syllabus. Likewise, you can extend this to all your upcoming semesters and relevant subjects. 
For the second part of question that how should one prepare for GATE . I hope you must have heard of video lectures for almost every subjects. There are mainly two websites concerned with our need i.e.
 (a) (b)
There is much importance of viewing video lecture which you could only know when you finish atleast one subject of your interest. Besides, these lectures will place you into a  better  situation where your chances of getting selected increase manifold. In addition to these lectures, good books help you in exploring the subject and building our concept. Almost for every branch, list of recommended books is available on Gate Counsellor website. 
Lastly, I would like to urge you that please try to overcome the ‘fear of being failed’. The only way in which you could do it practically that you prepare well in true words and always remember one thing that :
 “Journey is the reward, the achievement of ‘goal’ is merely a consequence”. 
IIT Kanpur
Industrial and Management Engineering Department
Exam: GATE | Paper: Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)
Exam Year: 2013 | Cutoff: 600 | Interview Date: 8th April'13
Mode of Admission: Written, Interview
Written Test Experience
Written test consisted of aptitude  and verbal reasoning questions. There were 40 questions to be solved in 30 mins. It had negative marking also.
Interview Experience 
There was a panel of 3-4 teachers. They were asking students to draw graphs of basic functions like sinx, tanx and their inverse. One or two questions were from counting probability           

My Experience
Why did you decide to leave your present job and opt for higher studies or PSU? 
I was placed in two companies on-campus. But, I din’t join as both were IT companies. I was very much convinced that I don’t want to be a part.  It is your interest and job satisfaction that affects your decision. In my case, i felt teaching would be a better option as I was been teaching while I was pursuing my B.Tech. I taught for one and half years after B.Tech and was preparing for GATE as well. Preparing for GATE or PSUs can assure a better career with practical knowledge in addition to handsome package.
What motivates you to go for higher studies or PSU after BTech?
There were two things that motivated me to go for higher studies. One was my lack of interest in IT companies which I have already told above. Secondly, there were many seniors who guided me and made me aware about GATE exam and  it’s impact in my career. So, seniors always play a significant role when you really have to take serious decision about your career.
 What is your strategy to prepare for Technical Examinations? 
 I feel that before preparing for any exam we should know the type of questions being asked. For this, there are always resources available which provide previous years’ questions. Then second step must be to look up for concerned resources like recommended books, coaching study materials and test series. For books, you really have to explore hard to get the right one for your preparation as there are many books for a subject. So, one should try to interact as much as possible with teachers and seniors. To sum up, I must say that for GATE exam  you really have to practice, so solve as many as possible questions.
How's your journey from preparation to exam days and afterwards?
I would quote my complete journey as full of ups and downs but yet it is full of satisfaction and experiences. I started preparing whole-heartedly from July’12 and was able to complete my syllabus in mid-December. I used to practice GATE previous questions for every subjects and try to learn the concept involved. Slowly, I was fortunate enough to have strong grip on 5 subjects. After December, I was like solving questions only which automatically kept me in touch with all kinds of concepts. The most important step that I took is that I joined Gateforum class room test series. Test-series helps you to judge your preparation at the right time. It did the same for me and I was able to get the exact range of marks which I was getting in tests. When only one week was left then I left solving questions and started revising concepts and formula. The last night before gate exam I with my friends watched ‘comedy circus’ upto 11 PM. After the exam, the real challenge comes before any aspirant. Most people leave studying as they are very much in trap of marks and expected rank. But my dear friends, in exam like GATE no one can precisely expects one’s rank.One who keeps on studying even after the exam always have extra edge over good rankers as written test and interview have weightage too. 
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