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Tips to Crack GATE

  • Follow standard books, stress on understanding things than memorizing them.
  • Solve objective type (especially numericals) questions as much as possible.
  • No need to cover the entire syllabus.
  • Keep preparing your personal notes as you cover topics.
  • Do not practice questions in rough. You may need to see the solutions at the time of revision.
  • Go through previous year papers (say last 10 years) to check your knowledge and note the distribution of different topics.
  • Revision is one of the most important step of the preparation process (around 20 days before examination).
  • Follow your notes during this time and solve time-bound question papers (preferrably last year papers).
  • Take a chill-pill on the day before exam. Relax!!!!!!!!!!
  • Do not make any guesses in the paper. If possible, try to eliminate the choices by minimum calculation/analysis.
  • Even you find the paper tough, DO NOT panic. It'll be hard for all Junta...
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