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IES Toppers Interviews: Devendra Singh Bhardwaj, AIR 64, EC, IES 2008

Devendra Singh Bhardwaj
AIR 64, EC, IES 2008
AIR 864, EC, GATE 2008
AIR 143, JTO
B.Tech. NIT Raipur
B.Tech. %: 74%

First of all, Congratulations for your marvelous achievements and for securing high rank in all exams. We hope your experience will certainly motivate and help student to decide their career path.
When and why did you decide to go for Indian Engineering Services?
Truly speaking I had never decided to go for IES, I wanna be a scientist at DRDO or ISRO, fortunately I appeared for ES examination and got it through in my first attempt. Before joining IOFS I was in BSNL as JTO which was my favorite job, only group 'A' charm was the reason I left BSNL and joined IOFS. Lot of my friends have joined for the same reason. Of-course ES is the toughest exam for any engineering graduate, but little hard work and patience will work for any engineer having an average engineering Aptitude. Actually was preparing for GATE & JTO, it helped me for IES exam.
What should be the strategy to prepare for the technical exams like Indian Engineering Services?
I believe in self study. I have gone through all textbooks which I had referred during my graduation. We should study each and everything atleast once, because it helps at the time of examination.
Were you also preparing for GATE in parallel?
How is GATE preparation different from IES preparation?
IES syllabus is wider w.r.t. GATE. We have to prepare for GS and English also.
What was your mode of preparation?
self study. I used to study for 12 hrs each day on average. I don't believe in any type of coaching. Just sit for long time, it will work.
Had you covered all the topics in GATE/IES syllabus?
yes I had covered each and every page/topic of my text books.
How did you prepared for GK portion of Engg. Services/PSUs?
For GK, I studied NCERT text books of 9th and 10th standards. After that I referred LUCENT GK book, followed by CSR.
Please also describe what all services are included in Indian Engineering Service examination like IOFS, IRSE etc?
There are about ten other services we can get through IES exam. Including Railways, Defence, Power, Telecom & Supply etc. ministries.
Did you also get selected for other PSU? If yes why did you finally decided to join IOFS?
I was also selected for various other PSUs like AAI, BSNL, but finally I joined IOFS, because its job profile is very good, it is completely techno- managerial job where we can learn all type of technology along with management tricks. Being group 'A' service, growth for higher cadre is good.
Can you through some light on job profiles of BSNL and ATC where have worked also?
As JTO, I was responsible for mobile acceptance testing and coverage testing in CG circle. It was really good as being technical, what we have studied during B.E., I had enjoyed BSNL a lot. As ATC i.e. Air Traffic controller it was totally non-technical job with a lot of stress but with good package.
How do you find it? Could you please give some details about your role in Indian Ordinance Factory Services benefit of greater audience?
As IOFS we are responsible for managing various Ordnance Factories. This factories comes under ministry of defence where all explosives, equipments, arms & ammunitions, tanks, vehicles, etc required for Indian ARMY, NAVY, Air force and state police, are manufactured. We got TOT from Russia and other foreign countries and indigenize them for mass production.
What opportunities you are getting as IOFS now or you will be getting in future?
Promotions as per govt. rule, few deputations to other department are only opportunities here.
Do you think you should have done M Tech? Does IOFS support higher studies while in service?
Yes always, I want to have some master degree. May be in future I will go for my MSc degree from Cranefield university UK, or I will do MBA/M.Tech., by taking study leave.
In future given an opportunity by IOFS will you go for M Tech/MS/PhD or MBA?
Who should look for career in Govt/PSU sector?
Anyone who want a good family life, leisure time for himself, and who can crack PSU/ES exams, may go for govt. job. Your attitude for working should be clear. Anyone who wants to serve the Nation should join Govt. job rather going for any Pvt. Jobs.
What supports are provided at IOFS for career development?
IOFS cadre is good for technical skill development as well as developing managerial skills. All officers are getting chance for going on foreign deputation like Russia, UK, Germany, and Sweden. Various Transfer of Technology from other countries are taking place, which helps for our technical growth. Every year group of officers are going Cranefield University for MSc degree in defence systems. We can go for higher studies too in IIM or IITs.
What are your future career plans?
Being youngest among all my peers I have very good future in my organization. Probably I may become DGOF one day, so I will continue with this organization. Meanwhile I want to do some Post Graduate degree as soon as possible.
Any other message for IES Aspirants?
Be serious on your studies, keep patience, read more, give maximum time for own, textbook study is better than any other study material. Keep studying.
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